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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Put your phone to work for you. Helpful Apps

It has been quite a while since my last post.  While I have been busy with life in general, I am also busy trying to find ways to improve my life.  After having a conversation with a good friend of mine, it was brought to my attention that I needed to share more of the helpful tips and information I find.  As a result, this week I am sharing Apps you should check out. 

In this high tech world we live in today everyone is attached to their smartphone.  (Even the dumb people, but I digress). We use our phones for everything.  This can be good or bad depending on your view of technology.  If you are willing to embrace technology there are some apps that can help.  I will have to set out a standard disclaimer before making any suggestions.

1)      I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies, providers or designers of any of the apps suggested.  In addition, I will receive no financial benefit if you download any of these apps.
2)      You may have to agree to provide information for the use of these apps including but not limited to, GPS location, phone call, SD card info and much more.  Please read all permissions BEFORE downloading any app.
3)      All of the apps I am suggesting are in the Android App Market.  If you have an Iphone you may or may not be able to find the same app.
4)      I like these apps, but you may find no need for them at all.  If I suggest an app for something you never do or will do not waste your time or memory downloading the app.

Now that I have got all of that out of the way we can get to the apps.

Job Search        
So you’re looking for job.  These days there are hundreds of job posting jobs that you can spend numerous hours searching.  The app Hire-a-Droid searches the following sites LinkUp, Beyond, Simply Hired, Indeed and Careerbuilder in one quick search.  You can enter in search terms such as location, position, or title and search all of these sites for available jobs. 

Christian inspiration 
                                                             Daily Bible
We all should read our bibles daily.  There are several forms of bible apps on the market.  I found that the Daily Bible app is wonderful.  This app gives you a daily verse, daily reading (for those who want to read the entire bible in a year), and a variety of daily devotions.  There are numerous audio or written daily devotions such as Our Daily Bread, My Utmost for His Highness, Praying with Paul and many more to choose.  It also has a bible search function which allows you to search for particular verses. 

For those who use Walgreen’s for prescriptions or photos this is a must have app.  First, you can use your Smartphone to scan the barcode of your prescription and order a refill.  Quick and easy, just the way I like things.  Second, if you use Walgreen’s to print photos, you can upload your photos right from your phone and order prints.  In a day where every minute counts I can appreciate these time savers.

Sharing information  
Since I have a 6 month old daughter my husband and I are always taking pictures.  Actually, I’m a photo fanatic so I can’t really blame this on my daughter.  Anyway, we take a lot of picture with our phones.  The wonderful thing about the Bump app is I can bump photos I take with my phone to my husband without having to send it as a text or email.  With the Bump app you can share contact information, photos, or apps with another smartphone user.  The up side to this app is that it does not matter if it is an Android or Iphone you can share information.  I am the one in my house always getting new apps or pictures so now I just bump it to my husband.

Baby Milestones    
Before I had my daughter I use to scrapbook and do all types of crafts.  After the baby I have not had a chance to do this as much as I would like.  Nonetheless, I do want to make sure to keep up with important milestones and accomplishments.  Baby Milestones app allows you to log these milestones and accomplishments and attach a picture.  I have found this to be helpful and makes me feel like I’m not a complete slacker in saving memories for my daughter.

This concludes my suggestions for this week.  I cannot give you all the great tips in one blog because 1) my husband will say it is too long and not read it; and 2) you won’t come back.  See you next week.