In a world where ignorance is at an all time high, it is time to bring things back in to perspective.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I believe in Jesus so I believe I will have eternal life
I guess that's why I'm the eternal optimist
Always believing it will get better
It has to right?

Certainly there is so much wrong in this world
But there are some things that are right
I know that eventually it will have to change
You see I was taught King's dream
And I became a dreamer too

I dreamed of the day where 17 year old boys are not chased and shot walking home with skittles and a soda
I dreamed of a day where I don't have to go comfort a mother who has to bury their young child lost to violence
I dreamed of a day where a woman would actually  get paid equal pay for equal work
I dreamed of a day where everyone really did have the same opportunities
I dreamed of a day when we had more males in college and none in prison
I dreamed of a day where no person was hungry because all this food we have actually reached all the people and fed them
I dreamed of a day where Manna House is not necessary because no one is homeless
I dreamed of a day where all kids got a good education no matter their skin  color, where they live or how much their parents made
I dreamed of a day where people who claim to be Christians actually acted like Christ

I know your thinking I got a lot of dreams.  I do.
Now let's work to make these drams a reality.