In a world where ignorance is at an all time high, it is time to bring things back in to perspective.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Struggle With Stuff

It took me a long time to realize just how materialistic I was. I had to have these designer jeans.  I had to have that designer purse. And I was gone die if I did not have the latest Air Jordans. My mother liked nice things and she taught me to like nice things. There is nothing wrong with liking nice things. When you value stuff more than people that's a problem.  When you think you need stuff for people, that's a problem.  When your obsessed with stuff, that's a problem. There is a lot of "stuff". getting in our way these days.

Now I have my own daughter and I like making sure she has nice things. But I don't want her to put too much value on that stuff. I want her to see the value of herself, the value of her family, the value of her friends and the value of thinking about more than herself. That's what is really important.  This is something I struggle with constantly. How do you keep balance and teach balance?

Just last week I saw a coupon for additional 25% off Kate Spade.  If you know me you know I love handbags.  I didn't buy myself one for my birthday.  I found the cutest pink bag, put it in my online cart and was about to checkout and I stopped. I didn't close out the page I just went to another page for awhile.  Well I ended upon the phone with my brother talking about holiday plans. They were having a 1st birthday party for my niece and nephew.  I looked at the calendar and seen if I planned carefully I could go.

So instead of my beautiful new pink Kate Spade bag I will have my first mommy daughter trip with Anaya. We will have the chance to spend a dew days with my brother and his family. Plus, I will get to see one of my oldest friends from college. That is way better than that pink bag.  As I booked my flight I realized this was the reason I didn't buy the bag. I didn't need the stuff I needed the people.

As I see stats on FB about people going out to buy all these things and going out on Thanksgiving to shop it breaks my heart.  We are so engulfed in this consumerist and individualistic life that we have forgotten about what's important. In order to get a "deal" for ourselves we will abruptly end time with our families to go stand in line. Then we will totally disregard the fact that we are also keeping the people who work in these stores from their families. It's not right. We are putting "stuff" ahead of our families and the families of others. I will not participate in any of these Thanksgiving "sales" but this doesn't end my struggle.

I will have to continue how to consciously make sure I don't put emphasis on stuff. My daughter imitates everything I do. I do not want her to imitating me putting stuff first. While I am happy about making a good decision this week. I know tomorrow will present another opportunity.