In a world where ignorance is at an all time high, it is time to bring things back in to perspective.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lesson 2. Do it because you want to help.

Do it because you want to help not for any reward or accolades.   After my mother died in 1999 I can recall my family moving and having so many boxes of my mother’s belongings.  There were several boxes with awards and certificates from different professional and community organizations.  Many of these awards I never knew she received.  She also had many more in boxes and drawers at her office.  My mother did whatever needed to be done.  Many people recognized her hard work and appreciated her, but many did not.  This did not matter to her.  She did not help people for recognition.  Her actions were based solely on her true desire to help people.     If you are really trying to help people your true motive should be the honest desire to help.  Do not do anything just to receive recognition, reward or accolades.  When you are working hard to help people in any situation if no one ever knows you did whatever you did it should not matter.  The only thing that matters is that it is done.  

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