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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lesson 4. Don't be cheap to yourself.

I will be the first one to tell you that I like nice things.  I always have.  I asked for a Gucci purse when I was in the third grade which is not a typical request of an 8 year old.  My mother provided my brother and me the best and we usually received whatever we asked of her.  My mother made many sacrifices in order to provide us with all of these requests.  However, there were many times when she made sure she received nice things.  My love for designer handbags did not come out of the air.  She purchased several for herself.  She loved to shop and that is where we spent some of our best times together.  Parents (Mothers especially) must sacrifice for their kids.  However, we must not deny ourselves of everything in a quest to provide the best for our kids.  It is okay for you to buy yourself something nice occasionally.  You work hard and you deserve this.  
Outside of the designer clothing and handbags my mother always made a point to purchase quality items.  Whether it was fruit juice or a car she wanted to make sure it was something of quality.  I recognize that times are difficult financially for us all and there is a need to tighten our budgets.  There are several ways of saving money.  I am a coupon queen and do not go to the store without my coupons.  What we should not do is think that the least expensive thing is the best option or the only option. You can purchase things that are not the most expensive without sacrificing quality.  
Most people usually have certain things that they will pay a higher price for to achieve the quality they want.   For me, I will not buy cheap toilet paper in order to save a buck or two.  I will admit it is hard for me to understand people who buy cheap toilet paper because I think you end up using more toilet paper so you really don’t save any money.  For you it may be shoes, electronics, or particular brand of something.  As I stated, most people have something.  If you do or do not have something, take a personal inventory and see if you are being cheap to yourself.  You are worth more.  

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